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You can test any of our templates (1-10) for your trial free of charge for 15 days.
Simply open our Contact form ➚ and select a template. You will then receive a message from us asking you to send us the information you have available (texts and images, etc.).
For the transfer of images, folders, files (up to 2 GB) you can free of charge: ➚ use.
After receiving your files, we will complete your homepage. If you do not have any images available, we will use placeholders adapted to your industry.

We will then protect your website with a password and put it on the web.
We will send you the link to your website and the password. After 15 days, the website will be deactivated.

All templates were created by us with the software (web construction kit) Mobirise M4 + M5. We use the paid version (annual subscription).
We always use the latest version, which is provided by Mobirise as an update in a timely manner. During the lifetime of your website, the software is automatically updated by us.
If you want to edit the website later, in whatever form, you will need the Mobirise software.
Link to Mobirise: 

We have deliberately designed our templates so that they can be used in the

■ Structure
■ Division
■ Number of pages
■ Navigation

remain as they are or cannot be changed (optional at extra cost).
All contents, all images will of course be exchanged according to your wishes.

Conscious therefore means: This way you have an inexpensive template.
Please keep in mind: after 12 months you will have gained experience to decide how to proceed.
Should it stay like this, should something be changed?
If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you. Take advantage of agentur28's 20 years of web design and marketing experience!
And as far as the price for changes is concerned: everything can be talked about.

Every NoStress homepage we create has a term of 12 months.

This applies to:
■  Nostress Homepage without our webhosting
    (You already have a webhosting/provider)

■  NoStress-Homepage with Webhosting
    ( We take over and pay the webhosting (IONOS-Provider)

We will inform you one month before the end of the term, you can then decide how to proceed.
The options are as follows:

The No Stress Homepage will be taken offline.
Your website, which we have stored on our PC, will remain for a further 12 months. If you wish, this can be reactivated immediately (new term agreement).
Domain address: You will always receive the right of first refusal from us for taking over your domain/internet address, free of charge of course. If you do not wish to continue using the domain/Internet address, it will be deregistered.

Termination of No Stress Homepage + Webhosting
If we have taken over and paid for the web hosting for you, this will be cancelled in due time after 12 months.
and is no longer available to you.
Your NoStress Homepage will then no longer be available on the web. See also: Domain address.

Extension of No Stress homepage
We are happy to offer you an extension in any form. With or without web hosting. There are many possibilities, we are happy to adapt to your wishes. Please contact us ✆ 0152-295 60 563

With own web hosting/provider
(Prerequisite: you must have FTP access/web space access)
1. An inexpensive No Stress homepage
    Prerequisite: You choose one of our ready-made templates (1-10). Contact form ➚

2. A 12 month update of your No Stress homepage

3. Your own web address/domain (.de or .com)
(of course you can also use your existing address)

4. Your own e-mail address

Including web hosting via agentur28
1. A low-cost No Stress home page
Prerequisite: You choose one of our ready-made templates (1-10). Contact form

2. A 12 month update of your No Stress homepage

3. Webhosting
Domain address, e-mail box, SSL, web space, PHP, access to FTP, web analytics.
Your own web address/domain (.de or .com), your own email address with email account.
(agentur28 works together with the provider IONOS)

What does it cost?
We can't say to the last cent, only roughly: There are 2 price categories:

• Homepage only without webhosting
• Homepage with web hosting

We start at 350.00 euros net!
We will be happy to send you a written quote for the exact costs.
Just this much in advance: It will NOT be a 4-digit amount, it also depends on which template you choose.
The number of pages is also decisive.

And yes: NO STRESS
Your agentur28 in Lilienthal